The Edmonton Rain Barrel Project

How Else Can I Conserve Water?

There are so many ways to conserve water, and here are just a few of them:

  • Buy a low-flow shower head ($10 - $15)
  • Take shorter showers (this one saves a lot of energy too!)
  • Turn the shower off while soaping or shampooing
  • Install single lever controls for taps and showers. They take less time to adjust, wasting less water, and can easily be turned off and on without losing the temperature setting.
  • Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth
  • Put an aerator in your sink taps
  • Buy a front loading washing machine instead of a top loading one, which will use only a third as much water
  • Replace old toilets with new low-flush toilets (6 litres vs. 20 litres)
  • Replace old toilets with new two-button flush toilets.
    Depending on the job, these toilets flush 3 or 6 litres of water. They are also available from the Rain Barrel Project. Contact Brian Johnston at 433-7508 for info.
  • Check toilets for leaks by placing food coloring in the tank. If the coloring travels into the bowl then there is a leak and the seal may have to be replaced.
  • Place a 2 litre pop bottle filled with water and rocks in your existing toilet tank, to lower the water usage by 2 litres with every flush
  • Water your lawn and garden only in the early morning or late evening
  • Don't overwater your lawn. It will survive drought better if has not been overwatered in the past, because overwatering promotes shallow root systems that need more water.
  • Get rid of your lawn and practice xeriscaping, using native species that are drought resistant and don't require watering