The Edmonton Rain Barrel Project

Water Links

Water, General

  • Environment Canada's Fresh Water Website
    This website is absolutely loaded with information about water management in Canada, water conservation, water pollution, and more.
  • Water Trivia
    The Environmental Protection Agency in the US has created this PDF page of very interesting and educational water trivia.
  • Oil and Troubled Waters
    Published by the Pembina Institute in April 2003, this 35 page document contains tons of information about the use of water by the oil industry in Alberta.
  • EPCOR Water Services
    This site has great statistics about water use in Edmonton, treatment plants, water quality, and the history of water treatment in Edmonton.
  • The German Water Sector
    This 154 page document outlines a lot of the policies and experiences of the German Water Sector, including water supply, water demand management, wastewater treatment, and ecologically and economically sustainable water supplies.

Water Conservation

Local Watersheds

Water Costs

    This is EPCOR'S site that helps you know what you are billed for, including treated water and drainage and sewage fees!

Grey Water Recycling

  • Grey Water Recycling
    The Environment Centre of WA in Australia has created this site with great, concise information about the benefits, dangers, misconceptions, and practicalities of reusing grey water.
  • Grey Water Recycling Facility in Las Vegas
    This is a newspaper article announcing the start up of a gray water recycling facility in Las Vegas in the summer of 2001.
  • Safe Use of Household Grey Water
    A site of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics in Mexico, this is a great guide to using grey water.
  • The Toronto Healthy House
    This house is completely off grid. A rain water storage system and a water treatment system allow this house to use no municipal water and to not require any sewer connections.
  • The Hyderabad Declaration on Wastewater Use in Agriculture
    This declaration, made on 14 November 2002 in Hyderabad, India, states, among other things, that wastewater is a resource that is gaining importance around the world. Various researchers from many countries made this declaration.

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